Expert services for peace of mind

We stand behind our premium physical security solutions with a variety of services and support to maximize uptime, performance, and satisfaction. With dependable, responsive, and friendly people from Smarter Security to help during the purchase process or in times of challenge, you will have confidence in your purchase and be most effective for your organization.

Support Services
  • Tech support – lifetime phone support, on-site, online support request
  • Drawings – concept, technical, site plans, submittal assistance
  • Training – on-site, at our Austin, TX headquarters or via web/phone
  • Site Certification & Training – ensures proper installation and site-specific product optimization; includes both end user and security integrator training when needed. Also extends warranty coverage.
  • Preventive Maintenance – routine visits to perform maintenance that maximizes product life and performance
  • Spare parts – most spare parts and parts kits are stocked in inventory in Austin, TX

Download Entry Security Technical Services datasheet.

Many Fastlane customers find great value in the technical drawings we supply. In these CAD, Revit, or PDF documents, we depict the turnstile model a customer has chosen in the desired turnstile configuration with reader placements, measures, and any custom materials.  We provide both concept and final drawings.

Site Certification & Training for our Fastlane customers is so impactful to product performance and reliability that we extend the warranty two additional years for customers who purchase the service. Technical issues, downtime, and lifetime costs decrease greatly with this proactive effort up front. Services include verifying wiring and integration with other building systems, ensuring proper barrier alignment and function, inspecting power supplies, and operational training for end user security managers.

On-going Support
Smarter Security knows that when a product is down, a customer’s security is compromised. We are accessible via our toll-free line and all our technicians can assist with entry control security products. For less urgent needs, we have a support request form on our web site.

For all support requests, Smarter Security works to answer the request or solve the problem quickly. We bring a Texas-friendly demeanor to times of trouble and have a CRM-based case-tracking system to ensure we follow issues through to complete resolution. If an issue cannot be resolved remotely, we work with customers to schedule a site visit. Unlike others, we leave a work site when the problem is resolved, not when time is up.

Preventive Maintenance is a service available to our Fastlane optical turnstile customers. A trained technician will visit the site annually to ensure optimal performance and appearance.  Services include cleaning dust and debris from inside the pedestals, inspecting cable assemblies and power supplies for loose connections, adjusting the motor controller to ensure proper barrier alignment, and many more. With proper maintenance, Fastlane turnstiles can provide service for more than 10 years.