Frequently Asked Questions

Fastlane Optical Turnstile FAQs


  1. Are your power supplies shipped with the turnstiles or do we have to order our own?
  2. Are Fastlane turnstiles low voltage units?
  3. What is the input and output requirement?
  4. What size gauge (AWG) is required? Where do you recommend housing the PSU?
  5. How far can we have the power supplies from the turnstiles?

Service and Support

  1. How long should my installation crew expect to be on site for the installation?
  2. Do you have a list of preventive maintenance steps?
  3. Do you have footprint templates available and can I get them shipped early?
  4. What is the "4" manufacturer-recommended maintenance gap"?
  5. How much time is required for scheduling a visit from a technical support team member?
  6. Why do I need Site Certification and Training? What is it? Can I do without it?
  7. How do I order spares? What if I need an RMA?
  8. Do you keep stock of spare parts in your inventory or do all parts come from the UK?

Customization and Changes

  1. We have a Bronze Finish in our lobby. Can we get turnstiles with a Bronze Finish and what is the process?
  2. We have a project at a facility that requires ADA Lanes 39" wide to accommodate larger wheelchairs. Can we get wider glass panels by 1.5" each to keep the gap at 4"?
  3. Can I have my logo silk screened onto the glass barrier?
  4. Can I add customization to an UL 2593 listed turnstile?

Product Features

  1. What are the specific glass properties as they apply to safety and non-shattering of the glass?
  2. What is the MTBF for your optical turnstiles?
  3. Are your turnstiles fail-safe?
  4. What will happen to the turnstiles should power be lost to the building?
  5. Can a battery be installed inside turnstile in case of power loss?
  6. Will the barriers open during fire alarm?
  7. Which barrier models have a choice of different glass heights?
  8. What is the force of entry for glass barrier models?
  9. What options does our customer have for Elevator Dispatch?

General and Business

  1. What is the production and shipping lead time for turnstile orders?
  2. Do you sell direct? Do you know someone in my area that you can connect me with?
  3. What is required to get my company set up with terms?
  4. What is the "Quick Ship" program and which models qualify?

Door Detective FAQs

  1. Can we embed the Door Detective CL into a wall?
  2. Can you record a message on the Door Detective to play back upon alarm?
  3. What access control systems do your Door Detective and optical turnstiles work with?
  4. What are the power requirements of the Door Detective?
  5. Can we use our own power supply for Door Detective?
  6. Which of the Door Detective models have anti-crawl?
  7. Can I rotate the mounting of the Door Detective CL?