Passive infrared motion detector for outdoor security

Utilizing Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor technology and telescope-like, precision mirror glass optics, SmarterBeam's long-range detector provides early warning of intrusions by detecting the slightest temperature change when someone passes through a perimeter security beam into the protected area. SmarterBeam features a three-zone, gap-free, continuous curtain-shaped coverage pattern for optimal detection.

SmarterBeam’s precision engineering yields one of the lowest nuisance alarm rates in the industry when properly configured. Its detectors are engineered to provide unparalleled reliability and accuracy in the harshest environments. Snow, rain, humidity, and fog have little effect on the IR due to double optical filtering, and the detector is designed to operate successfully in extremely cold environments. The system can be combined with other outdoor security measures to maximize protection for your site and assets.

SmarterBeam is available in three models featuring distinct coverage patterns:

  • CLR500: A three-zone, continuous, “narrow-curtain” detection area with a range of 500’ (150 m)
  • CLR500+: A three-zone, continuous, “narrow-curtain” detection area with a range of 500’ (150 m), and a steep tilt to minimize dead zone directly below the detector
  • VWA100: A 100’-wide (30 m), “fan-out” detection area with a range of 90’ (27 m)

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