Consider your perimeter security

Perimeter Protection

For utility plants, construction sites, and other large facilities, maintaining a secure perimeter is the only way to ensure the safety of the people, operations, and equipment inside, and to deter vandalism and copper theft. Fortunately, perimeter intrusion detection technology has made it possible to detect and respond to security threats more efficiently than ever. Smarter Security offers several state-of-the-art outdoor security solutions including passive infrared motion detection.

The Technology

SmarterBeam relies on infrared to detect motion from anything that puts off heat. Working around the clock, day and night, in all weather conditions, and is finely tuned to account for environmental factors. That means there are very few false alarms and no real threats go undetected.


SmarterBeam requires no additional infrastructure and is extremely reliable at detecting possible threats, which can be assessed and responded to by on-duty personnel. 

Our commitment to service helps maximize the value of your outdoor security investment. We are happy to consult with you for your security needs. 

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