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Press Releases 2013

Dec 11, 2013 SmarterFence and SmarterBeam Combine to Stop Copper Theft at a Substation after Success with Initial Installations
Nov 13, 2013 Fastlane Glassgate 400 Turnstiles with Variations in Barrier Height Selected to Secure Multiple Buildings in Southwest
Oct 22, 2013 Many Fastlane Barrier Turnstile Models are Upgraded to Provide Cost, Convenience, and Safety Benefits for Customers
Sep 19, 2013 Fastlane Glassgate 300 Has a Ground-breaking Design for an IP-enabled Turnstile with Barriers
Sep 05, 2013 Veteran of Federal Sales in the Security Industry Joins Company to Lead Growth of Entrance Control and Outdoor Security Business on East Coast
Aug 21, 2013 Fastlane Glassgate 250 Security Turnstiles Selected to Complement Architect Vision and Provide High Security for Large Workforce
Aug 07, 2013 Successful Pilot Leads to Expansion of Door Detective Installations in Locations throughout North America
Jul 08, 2013 Fastlane Glasswing Optical Turnstiles Installed after Poor Experience with Competitor’s Product
Jun 26, 2013 Full Lines of Fastlane Optical Turnstiles and Door Detective Tailgate Detection Systems Have CSI-formatted Specifications to Simplify Work of Security Consultants, Architects and Engineers
Jun 13, 2013 Fastlane Plus Used to Restrict Access into Corporate Office in Building Lobby Scene in “The East” Thriller
May 21, 2013 Top Biotech Company Using Tailgate Detection Solution in Many Buildings Orders More Units to Strengthen Security in Multi-Use Facility
Apr 30, 2013 Fastlane Glassgate 200 Optical Turnstiles Selected After Successful Fastlane Operation for Years in Previous Headquarters
Apr 03, 2013 Supplier of Entrance Control and Outdoor Security Solutions Joins with Other Experts to Envision the Future of Holistic Physical Security
Mar 20, 2013 SmarterFence and SmarterBeam Combine to Strengthen Perimeter Security for New Power Generation Facility in Midwest