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Press Releases 2011

Dec 15, 2011 Premium Office Tower on East Coast Includes Fastlane ClearStyle 200 Optical Turnstiles in Renovations to Dramatically Improve Occupancy Rate Amid Downturn. The 2012 North America Office Space Forecast is Weak, Opening Investment Opportunity for Other Buildings.
Oct 20, 2011 Shawn McFarlane Brings More than 10 Years of Sales Experience in Security and Surveillance Industries to Role with Optical Turnstile Leader
Oct 05, 2011 Stori Waugh Joins Entrance Control and Outdoor Security Solution Provider, Bringing More than 15 Years of Leadership Experience in Technology Industry
Sep 15, 2011 With Nearly One-Third of the Market in IMS Research Study, Smarter Security’s Fastlane Turnstiles are Once Again the Clear Customer Preference for Lobby Entrance Control
Sep 07, 2011 Mini-Optical Provides Elegant and Low Cost Lobby Security and is Ideal for Hallway Entrance Control Applications
Aug 24, 2011 Success with Entrance Control and Outdoor Security Solutions Results in Ranking of Number 2,931 on 2011 List of America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies
Aug 22, 2011

Ralph Spagnola Brings Over 25 Years of Experience with both Small and Large Technology Companies to Drive Continued Sales Growth for Optical Turnstiles Leader
Jul 27, 2011 J. A. “Jack” Leach Brings Over 15 Years of Experience to Improve Company Operational Performance and Financial Management
Jul 12, 2011 Customer Installs Fastlane GlassGate 250 at Headquarters and Other Sites to Enhance Access Control and Stop Tailgating
Jun 15, 2011 Fastlane GlassGate 150 Extends the Leading Line of Speedgates with a Compact Unit at a Compact Price
May 13, 2011 SmarterFence Installed at City of Denton Electric Utility Foils Copper Theft Attempt
Mar 22, 2011 Door Detective Compact is Smaller, More Elegant, and Priced to Enable More Users to Upgrade from the Access-Controlled Door to Complete Door Security