Modern Management of Lobby Security with IP-Enabled Turnstiles

Fastlane Connect is technology embedded in most Fastlane turnstiles that enables TCP/IP communication and control. This IP connectivity streamlines the operation, service, and support of Fastlane turnstiles. The result is a lower cost of ownership and superior turnstile performance.


Fastlane optical turnstiles can be connected to the end user network with a Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable. Authorized security staff and technicians then browse to a Fastlane web page that is unique to the install site. Login credentials allow security staff to authorize entry or exit and adjust standard operating modes.


Technical staff members have a different level of access which shows service and performance details and allows remote diagnosis and adjustment. Remote access can be extended to integrators or Smarter Security technicians with network administrator permission. This allows outside technicians to diagnose and adjust the turnstiles from any computer, tablet, or smartphone connected to the internet from anywhere in the world. The end user decides what level of network access to supply to outside parties and more access opens up more benefits.


IP connectivity greatly reduces total cost of ownership:

  • Unique consoles are no longer needed, saving acquisition costs
  • Simple, intuitive interface requires no training and minimizes errors
  • Security staff do not need to be physically at the guard desk to open a lane for special passage
  • Various data and insight can be obtained without being at or opening the turnstile
  • Remote technicians can minimize time on site or may not have to travel to the install site at all, saving travel costs
  • Issues can be resolved sooner, reducing the costs of temporary guards hired to replace any down lanes


IP connectivity maximizes uptime and improves Fastlane performance:*

  • Firmware can be automatically updated from off-site
  • Proactive adjustments can be made to optimize turnstile performance
  • Service issues can be preempted with maintenance notifications and early diagnosis leading to action

*  service agreement may be required

Fastlane Connect is a platform for the future. Ongoing development work will enable additional empowering and cost-saving functionality and can be easily pushed out to firmware in existing IP units where proper authorization is granted.


How Connect works

The Fastlane turnstile processor card features an IP-ready communication port with a unique MAC address and will automatically obtain a network address from a customer’s network DHCP server.


The turnstile generates its own series of web pages and can be contacted using a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari. The password-protected pages then appear in the browser of any authorized network device or over the internet where permission is granted.