Complete door security with tailgate detection

Access control systems only control when a door is unlocked; Door Detective takes it one crucial step further by preventing unwanted intruders from “tailgating” behind authorized staff through the opened door. Tailgate detection is essential to any substantial entry security system.

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Door Detective

Door Detective is the missing link in access control, virtually eliminating the possibility of unauthorized access. For critical doors where an intruder can do more than a few thousand dollars of damage, it makes perfect sense.

Easily mounted on the sides of a door or entrance, Door Detective provides superb tailgate detection. It can identify tailgating, people holding doors open for others, and passage in the wrong direction. Intelligent technology allows Door Detective to differentiate between humans and many other objects such as bags and wheelchairs. It also provides assistance with anti-passback enforcement. Compare Models


Door Detective Compact

Door Detective Compact has the smallest profile on the doorway. Stainless steel enclosures have multiple LED lights which offer clear indication to users or guards of authorization status.

Door Detective Compact

Door Detective CL

Door Detective CL has an elegant aluminum mesh enclosure and a status indicator light to visually show if users are authorized or denied access.

Door Detective CL

Door Detective Plus

The Door Detective Plus is the most recent addition to the Door Detective range of anti-tailgating products. Powered by a dedicated high-speed onboard micro-controller with proven optical systems, the Door Detective Plus is is designed to integrate seamlessly with Access Control, CCTV and whole building management systems.

Door Detective Plus

Security Impact

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