Technology Additions to Make Fastlane Turnstiles Better

Smarter Security has worked with a number of clients and integrators to customize turnstiles by adding in third-party technologies to maximize the effect of the turnstiles.

Biometric readers of different types have been added to go beyond the simple authorization of a typical proximity reader. LED lights are used to illuminate glass barriers for a dramatic and high-tech effect. Tall buildings have helped get tenants to their offices faster by installing elevator destination control and installing dispatch displays in the tops of Fastlane pedestals. While these are more rare choices, nearly every customer has a choice of where to put the proximity reader in the turnstile. See what the different options look like here.

  • Elevator Destination Dispatch
  • Reader Mountings
  • Other Technologies
15 - elevator integration - 11 tsq
Elevator destination dispatch window integrated into Fastlane Plus
1- reader - mount behind window on end 3
Mounted behind window on end
21 - tech - iris reader on 2 lanes_rt
Iris reader mounted on Glassgate 200 (MM)