Intelligent retracting glass optical turnstile

Fastlane Glasswing is a stylish and secure addition to any modern lobby. It has fast-acting, “angel wing” glass barriers that retract fully into the pedestals upon authorization. Safety is at a premium, as the high number of sensors prevent the wings from closing with a pedestrian in the turnstile. In addition to the barrier deterrence, Glasswing boasts the ¼” tailgate detection, speed, and alarm accuracy synonymous with the Fastlane brand.

Glasswing is available in three turnstile widths: narrow, standard, and wide. Square ends and elliptical ends give the pedestals different looks, but both give this Fastlane speedgate a contemporary elegance that complements even the most upscale lobbies.


High SecurityAdvanced technology for superior access control

Pinpoint Accuracy Intelligence virtually eliminates false alarms

Superior Design Refined, slim designs accentuate lobby

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Field-proven ReliabilityUptime and long lifetime improve bottom line

Unsurpassed Throughput Greater return on investment

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Glasswing Technical Specs

Barrier Motion Retracting
Materials Barriers -- toughened glass
Side Panels, end caps -- 304 stainless steel with satin polish<br/ > Tops -- low iron white-backed glass
Pedestal dimensions Height -- 37.8" (960 mm)
Width -- standard 14.6" (372 mm); narrow 12.1" (308mm); wide 17.8" (452 mm)
Length -- square 49.3" (1252 mm); ellliptical 59.1" (1500 mm)
Barrier height 36.5" (928 mm)
Lane width Standard -- 26" (660 mm)
Narrow -- 21.7" (550 mm)
Wide -- 36" (914 mm)
Opening time 0.4 second min. (compact turnstile)
Throughput* 1 person/second
Tailgate detection distance 1/4" (5 mm)
Display Tri-color LED, end of pedestal
Sounders Single and multi-tone sounders
Power requirements Input -- 110-240 V AC
Output -- 24 V DC
Certifications UL 2593, CSA C22.2 No. 247, UL 60950-1, CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1-07
Operating modes

Card in/card out, Card in/free exit, Free entry/card out, Free entry/ free exit,
No entry/no exit, Auto entry/no exit

* Expected time to pass through turnstile.

Remote Control
Fastlane desktop remotes give security personnel full control over Fastlane turnstiles from their desk. They can grant access, manage alerts, and change the turnstiles' operating modes.


Floor Protectors
For temporary installation or when it would not be suitable to mount Fastlane turnstiles to the floor, Floor Protectors offer a safe, cost-effective solution.


Multiple Reader Mounting Options
Readers can be mounted in multiple places on nearly all Fastlane models. Options are presented during the final quote.


FastScan TVS
This combined barcode, proximity, and smartcard reader integrates visitors into your existing security process and helps speed overall throughput.


Fastlane Infill
Infill is an elegant way to fill the extra space around your entry control system. Available in fixed, freestanding, and wall-mounted models.

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Security Impact

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