Security turnstiles with barriers for advanced lobby security

Barrier turnstiles from Fastlane combine a glass or metal arm barrier with intelligent optical technology to detect tailgaters and unauthorized access.

Fastlane speedgates offer a contemporary look and feature swinging or retracting glass barriers. Among the options is a model with full-height barriers that provides the ultimate in lobby security. Fastlane Plus turnstiles easily fit into tight spaces and feature a breakaway barrier arm that enhances safety and improves the security over purely optical turnstiles.Architects, consultants, and end users agree on the superiority of Fastlane barrier turnstiles, which is why they secure many of the world’s finest lobbies.

Why optical turnstiles for improving building security?

Fastlane Speedgates

Fastlane speedgates are glass turnstiles with a streamlined design that will elegantly complement high-end lobbies as well as keep the business atmosphere open and inviting. The substantial barriers provide a physical deterrent, and the advanced intelligence of Fastlane optical technology provides unsurpassed tailgating detection.

Speedgates are emerging as the preferred form of lobby entrance control and Fastlane speedgates lead the industry, per the 2011 industry report by IMS Research. Fastlane speedgates are distinctive because they feature the latest technology and house it in an aesthetically pleasing exterior. Compare Models

1.1 BarrierTurnstiles_Thumb_128x128_GlassGate


Glassgate turnstiles have streamlined designs that provide the highest security with barriers up to six feet high. Bidirectional barriers swing away from the user in a familiar door-like motion. See models below:

Glassgate 150
Glassgate 200
Glassgate 250
Glassgate 300
Glassgate 400


Glasswing is an optical turnstile with retracting glass barriers that is uniquely available in three widths. Wing-shaped barriers move quickly and quietly to speed throughput and stop tailgaters.


Barrier arm optical turnstile products

Fastlane Plus brings the barrier-arm turnstile concept into the 21st century and does so with all the elegance you would expect from a Fastlane product. Fastlane Plus electronic turnstiles feature a sleek, streamlined pedestal design and an aluminum barrier arm to deter and block access.

The barrier arms quickly retract down into the sides of Fastlane Plus pedestals upon authorization. The advanced intelligence of Fastlane optical technology provides unsurpassed tailgating security, minimizes false alarms, and helps to speed pedestrian traffic through the lobby with one-person-per-second throughput. Compare Models


Fastlane Plus

Fastlane Plus is available in a 400MA model that provides standard and ADA turnstile widths with two barrier arms. The 30MA model is a narrow-turnstile model with a single arm. See models below:

Fastlane Plus 400MA
Fastlane Plus 30MA

Fastlane Plus AS

Fastlane Plus AS has a longer pedestal and off-center barrier arms that allow the unit to operate in an open mode, whereby the arms are normally retracted and only close if an unauthorized person enters the turnstile.

Fastlane Plus AS

Security Impact

See how our entry security solutions have made a difference:

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