Barrier-free optical turnstiles for stylish access control

Fastlane optical turnstiles are a fusion of style and security and are the natural choice for those more interested in discreet security for their lobby. Optical models feature some of Fastlane’s most stylish security turnstiles, including the entirely transparent Clearstyle and the barely noticeable Compact.

Why optical turnstiles for improving building security?

Security remains high without a barrier due to advanced Fastlane entrance control technology. Most turnstiles feature ¼” tailgate detection to alarm intruders and can trigger other security measures if an unauthorized person enters the turnstile. Fastlane optical models foster an open and inviting environment and allow fast throughput of up to one person per second. Compare Models



Compact turnstiles are the smallest Fastlanes available and have stainless steel enclosures that can be customized to complement any building. They also function well as counting systems to record building occupants.



Clearstyle is widely regarded as the world’s most elegant optical turnstile. Architects played a key role in this patented design of glass-like, acrylic side panels and brushed stainless steel ends. See models below:

Clearstyle 200
Clearstyle 400


Modeled after Fastlane Plus barrier-arm units, full-size optical turnstiles are more of a deterrent to potential intruders and provide optimal non-barrier security by including anti-crawl beams as standard.

400 OT