Smarter Security for Lobbies and Entryways

An important line of defense against security threats in a building is at the point of entry – the lobby. Secure the lobby and you will put a stop to most threats and nuisances before they get close to people or valued assets. Interior doorways are another line of defense and typical access control has a gaping hole when the door is opened. For most buildings, the best path to high security includes a combination of Fastlane optical turnstiles and Door Detective door security devices. What are the advantages of an optical turnstile?

Safer / Faster / More Economical

Smarter Security deploys Fastlane security turnstiles and Door Detective to effectively eliminate unauthorized access and tailgating into secure areas of a building. At the same time, the flow of traffic can actually be sped up.

By having everyone scan their own IDs or badges at a turnstile, security personnel on duty can focus their attention on visitors and assessing other threats. This often reduces the number of guards required to maintain a secure building. Safer, faster, and more economical.

Compatible with Any Building

Your building is Smarter Security–ready. While optical turnstiles are frequently part of a new construction or lobby renovation, our solutions can be added to your building as is and are made from a variety of materials—stone, glass, metal, and wood—so designs complement the current aesthetic.

You have options. Fastlane turnstiles are available in barrier and barrier-free models, and we offer a variety of door security solutions. Select a category to learn more.

See how our entry security solutions have made a difference:

icon-pdf   Fastlane Case Study
icon-pdf   Door Detective Case Study
icon-pdf   Fastlane High-Rise ROI Story

Our commitment to service helps maximize the value of your security investment. Download the Entry Security Services datasheet.