Breakthrough design from Fastlane Glassgate 300 doesn’t just push the design edge - it removes the edge altogether and ushers in a new level of openness.
Locking barrier strengthens security Glassgate 400 with 6-foot barriers deters and obstructs. Now, the locking barriers restrict unauthorized access completely.
First optical turnstile with UL 2593 The world’s first speedgate certified for UL 2593, the new standard for turnstiles, is Glassgate 250. You are safe with Fastlane.
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Entry Security

Smarter Security offers premium solutions for lobby security and doorway entrance control. Fastlane optical turnstiles protect thousands of lobbies worldwide and Door Detective provides tailgate detection and more to help secure critical doors.

Smarter Security in Austin protects buildings across the continent and provides detection and more to help secure critical entrances. Call (512) 328-7277 now.

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Outdoor Security

Smarter Security, of Austin, TX provides intelligent security solutions to secure perimeters and outdoor assets.

Options to help detect and deter include SmarterFence, a fiber optic intrusion detection system and SmarterBeam, a motion detector for non-fenced areas.

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The ROI from using Fastlane optical turnstiles is superb. See the story from one high-rise here. Download now

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